Season 11 Concerts

Concerts Taped LIVE:

The Song of the Mountains® live concert schedule for Season 12! Check the list and plan your trip to see the best in live bluegrass, old time, and Americana music!


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February 7, 2015:

• Featuring Redhead Express, Black Mountain Shine, Wise Old River, & Virginia Remnants

March 7, 2015:

• Featuring Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers, Hogslop String Band, CharlyHorse, Annabelle Watts, & The Wayfarers

April 11, 2015:

• Featuring Hackensaw Boys, Lost Creek Band, Slim Pickins, April Verch, & The Mayberry Deputy

June 13, 2015

• Featuring Mark O’Connor, Fiddlin’ Carson Peters, & Dry Hill Draggers

August 1, 2015:

• New Lineup Announced Soon…Stay Tuned for Great Music!

September 5, 2015:

• Featuring Jesse McReynolds, Emi Sunshine, Lightnin’ Charlie, & The Ransom Notes

October 10, 2015:

• Featuring Kody Norris, Judge Talford Band, Ashley Lewis, Giles Mountain String Band, & More!

November 7, 2015:

• Featuring Missy Raines & The New Hip, Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier, Mac Puckett & The Good Company Band, Gal Friday, and Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome

December 12, 2015:

• Featuring Wayne Henderson & Friends, Lost & Found, and More!


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