Photos by David Johnson

I’m David Johnson, house still photographer for Song of the Mountains. I have always been a fan of “traditional country music” but got hooked on Blue Grass and “Old Time Music” from the Sunday night Pinecone Blue Grass show on local radio station WQDR when I was doing dark room photography work. After getting satellite radio in my vehicles, I became more of a fan. I enjoy interacting with the musicians as they are down to earth type people who will talk to you at a concert.

I had been watching Song of the Mountains on public television for several years. In August of 2013, we came to the Lincoln and SOTM the first time to see a Mike Snider concert. My wife and I liked the laid back, easy going atmosphere of the show and the setting. We haven’t missed a taping since October of 2013.

I have been into photography since getting started in college in the mid-60’s. When I graduated, I had put too much time into it working with college publications to quit. It became a second vocation. Over the years, I photographed fires and wrecks, crime scenes, high school sporting events, mountain waterfalls and blue grass musicians. I started shooting at SOTM the first concert I came to. Tim White got to looking at the stuff I was doing and wanted access. I started sending them to him and it grew from there.